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Peaks for Peace starts their new fundraising campaign

Peaks For Peace summit Mt. Tuk

Peaks For Peace begin their campaign

Nobis canada

Peaks For Peace is on a journey. 40 days, 45 peaks, 1 incredible cause

Program. They just completed the first 11 days of their adventure.
Read about it here.

Go team! We’re

We’re all rooting for you.

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Everyday is a choice

"Loving Life" 2012

Life is how you see it!

“Enjoy all you have while pursuing all you want.”

Each day we are given the opportunity to make a choice. We can choose to love life.
We can choose to let go of the things that keep us from loving life and find promise in every day. We can choose to surround ourselves with others who support us and help

our journey to love life. Or not. We can choose to let ourselves be weighed down by all the things that make it hard to love life. We can choose to feel sorry for our situation. We can choose a path that will always lead the same place. We cannot make decisions for our friends. We can only make decisions for ourselves. And we can choose to support our friends and help them love life.

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Sunrise hike

Through singing and encouragement from each other, we are united at the top and we are rewarded for our determination and lack of sleep with a majestic sunrise. Sunrise Hike Group

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Winter Wonderland

Hello friends!

As the weather turns chilly in Denver, we will have about 26 campers and a few from Dallas joining us to for a great and challenging week on the slopes and within our community. Last year’s theme was “What’s in Your Toolbox?”
What will this year’s theme be?

Winter Camp fun after the Slopes

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Welcome to our family.

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Hello world

Hello world

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