Children's Hospital Colorado Burn Camp - Fire Truck Group, Dirty Derby and England Exchange

*Returning Campers – Bring your Blue Kerchiefs from last summer*

•Hiking Boots or Tennis Shoes

• Sleeping Bag—Camp provides sheets and blankets for your bunk but if have a sleeping bag you can snuggle in that at night as well

• Backpack—Something to carry your stuff around as you move from activity to activity

• Rain Gear—Rain Jacket/Poncho and Rain pants if you’ve got them. Rain doesn’t stop the fun especially when you’re wearing the right gear!

• Water bottle—Camp is at a high elevation. We need hydrate throughout the day to maximize fun

• Sunglasses—Campers spend time everyday between 8,000 and 13,000 ft in elevation. The sun is intense. Protect those eyes!

• Chapstick, lotion, sunscreen

The climate in Estes Park is quite dry with very low humidity necessitating lip balm, lotion, and sunscreen. Cheley Camps is an elevation of 8,200 feet in the Rocky Mountains where weather can vary greatly throughout the day.
Mornings and evening can be chilly requiring a sweatshirt or a fleece and days can be in the 80s or low 90s.

• Sweatshirt

• Jeans

• Shorts

• Long-sleeve shirts

• Shower Shoes (flip flops)

• Towel

• Gloves/Mitten

• Warm Hat

• Baseball hat

• Tennis/Running Shoes

• Cotton Socks

• Wool Socks (If you’ve got them)

• Underwear

• Swim suit

• Poncho

• Camper Medications – In original packaging from the pharmacy

• Pajamas/Fleece Pants

• Sunscreen and lip balm

• Disposable Camera*

• Journal*

• Musical Instrument*

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