Children's Hospital Colorado Burn Camp - Sunrise Hike, Play Day Team, and Friend Group

Camp changes a lot of lives. Campers, donors, parents, volunteers, and staff–everybody who is involved with this program has the chance to give back and make somebody else’s life better.

Campers help other campers believe. They give each other confidence. They teach each other to succeed. They become role models for each other.

Donors help us fund these life-changing experiences. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it can send more kids to camp. It helps us create scholarships and an endowment so camp can keep continue to bring together 85 kids a summer and create an experience that just isn’t found unless you have a ceiling of stars and mother nature as your teacher.

Parents help make it all happen. They know the struggles of their child and they give their child the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment away from home. They listen. They love.

Volunteers and staff help make the meat and potatoes happen. They are the ones on the frontlines battling homesickness and helping a camper see their full potential. They are caring for sore throats and helping with talent show. They create the framework so that the magic of camp can happen.

Each of the pieces is very important and every person has an opportunity to help.

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