Children's Hospital Colorado Burn Camp - Creating Ties Fundraising Dinner

This year’s retreat was held in Aspen, CO.

Young adults begin the journey toward authentic adulthood; practical training in day-to-day living and personal goal setting.

The Young Adult Retreat is designed to address the specific issues facing young adult burn survivors between the ages of 18-25. Through a combination of recreational activities and various workshops, the young adults address topics such as relationships, body image, and goal setting, as well as develop a personal mission statement…and have a whole lot of fun!

The participants identify strengths to build on and areas of needed growth within their own lives. By creating a safe environment in which to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings, the retreat presents the participants with an opportunity to grow and develop a support network with other burn survivors their age. This retreat-style learning experience is designed to identify and address unique areas of young adulthood transitions and develop life skills useful to burn survivors.

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