We celebrate and honor the life of Marion Doctor, a Social Worker from Children’s Hospital, who had a vision in 1983 to create a place where burn survivors could come together and continue to heal.

She didn’t have any examples. Programs like this didn’t exist. She had a dream. She found people who believed in her dream. And she started the first residential burn camp in the United States.

Thank you Marion. Thank you for being a dreamer. Thank you for being a believer. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for impacting all of our lives.

Marion left this world on March 11, 2017. Her dreams live on through the memories of all who loved her and all who have been changed or inspired through burn camp.

If you would like to honor Marion’s legacy with a gift to burn camp, click here.

If you have a special memory or photo of burn camp, you can share it here and we will create a collage of memories for the family and camp.

If you would like to be included in a Colorado celebration of Marion’s life, please check back soon. You can also submit your information here and we will update you with information when it is available. We are planning a local celebration to honor her legacy.

“Each of us is called to be a king, a queen, a hero in our ordinary lives.”

Thank you Marion for showing us what is possible.

If you would like to honor Marion and her legacy, visit this link for additional information.

Camp creates life-changing experiences of friends, mountain air, and new challenges in the mountains for pediatric burn survivors. Camp Applications available here.

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The Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3), American Camping Association (ACA) certified program and a member camp of the International Association of Burn Camps (IABC).

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June 17-21, 2017

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