Family Camp

Healing as a family

An opportunity for families to share their stories and live together in a supported environment while learning and growing with each other.

When a significant burn injury occurs it affects not just the person that was burned but other family members as well. Recovering from burn injuries goes beyond the burn and includes emotional healing for parents and siblings. This camp offers the support to continue the healing of each person allowing them to move forward and grow as a family.

Family Camp’s goals

  • To give families a chance to connect with others that have had similar experiences
  • To give families time to connect as a family to focus on their special strengths and support their growth
  • To give families a chance to learn new skills to apply in their lives after camp
  • To offer opportunities to build confidence while decreasing guilt, shame, stigmas and other negative feelings that family members often experience after a burn injury.

Family Burn Camp offers the opportunity for families impacted by severe burn injuries to come together, form a supportive community and share their experiences.

The Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program is a proud member of the American Camp Association (ACA). They accredit over 2,400 camps who meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and quality programs. Our Summer Camp program is an accredited Colorado camp of the ACA. Our Family Camp program follows the ACA guidelines for health, safety, and quality programs.

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