Will there be someone to help me if my scars start hurting?

At camp, there is a team of nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and psychologists. These folks love to have fun and they’re here to help with medications or homesickness or anything that needs some extra attention. We want to send you home in an even better place than when you came to camp. Parents be sure to send enough medications for the entire week and share any medical history on your child’s application forms to help us best serve your child.


Do I need to bring my pressure garments?

Yes, bring at least two. Camp is really active and we want to make sure that your burns keep healing the whole time you’re playing outside. At night, you and you and your counselor can wash your spare one so that you’re ready for a new day of activity when you wake-up.


Is it dark at night in my cabin?

When it’s lights out at camp, it’s really dark, although billions of stars twinkle overhead. But remember, you’re not alone. You’ve got counselors and friends and you’re all snuggled down peacefully in a cozy cabin. You get to keep a flashlight in your bed, so you can always find your way. Moonlit nights at camp are extra special, like an added bonus at the end of your day.


Will I have my own bathroom?

At camp, you share the bathroom with lots of people. It’s in a separate building called a bathhouse, just a short distance from your cabin. It’s not fancy but it’s clean, with electric lights, flush toilets and individual showers. Some cabins do have shared bathrooms within the cabin. Whichever is true for you, you’ll be a part of the cleaning team at least one day to keep the bathrooms looking and smelling fresh!


Can I bring my cell phone?

Camp is loads of fun without all the electronic stuff we have in our lives today. When you come to camp, you get to unplug: email, iPod, Internet, and cell phone. You might miss them for a couple of days. Then you may notice (or not) that you have more time, and that you feel more relaxed. Lots of other fun activities are available to fill your days. If you bring electronics with you for the plane and bus rides, that’s okay. When you check-in, camp will save them for you in a special envelope with your name on it until it’s time to go home.


Do we eat buffet style or like a family?

It won’t take long for camp to start to feel like a second family. Part of the feeling comes from sitting down together for meals and sharing them family style. By the way, our campers give the food two thumbs up! Campers love our food and there’s always enough to share.


Is every day the same?

There’s a routine to camp life (wake-up, meals, and evening campfires) that starts to feel familiar after a few days. What you do during the day, and the people you’re with, will vary depending on the activity. One day you may be hiking, the next, mountain biking or at the fishing pond. It’s really up to you.

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