International Exchange

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Manchester Children’s Burns Camp

The Manchester Children’s Burns Camps is run jointly by the Burns Service at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and by a team of volunteers. These annual camps for burn-injured children were first started in 1993.

Children and young people who are undergoing treatment at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital are invited to come along. There are a range of programmes for children of different ages. This is no ordinary holiday; the weeklong stay in an activity centre offers the chance to build strength and confidence through challenging activities such as rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing. It also gives the children and young people the opportunity to learn about how to handle difficult situations like being teased or how to face the public gaze with a strong sense of who you are.

American exchange programme for burn injured young people

Each year two young people and accompanying volunteers travel to Colorado to attend the Cheley Colorado Burns Camp. This exchange programme is facilitated by the Manchester Children’s Burns Camp. This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and build a wider network of support, go trekking on horseback and overnight camping under the stars.

Speransky Children’s Hospital

We’ve partnered with Russia’s largest pediatric Burn Center at Speransky Children’s Hospital in Moscow. The Speransky Children’s Hospital Fund (SCHF) supports burn survivors, provides psycho-social rehabilitation, and purchases the required medical equipment and materials. SCHF is the only organization in Russia that implements a program of the psycho-social rehabilitation of burn patients and their families.

Their specialists help 2,500 children and family members every year. Psychologists and social workers work with children not only in the acute phase of injury in the Burn Unit, but also in the aftercare setting, after they’ve been discharged from the hospital. Annually they conduct one summer, two family rehabilitation camps, and regular meetings of “Children’s Club.” Their achievements in psychosocial rehabilitations of pediatric burn patients has been officially recognized by the European Burn Association.

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